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I see it creeping about my dash.

trolls in heat. And I think to myself god so many of these look so cute when they’re flustered like that. And then I think thoughts that I shouldn’t. Like what my own menagerie does when the season comes ‘round. I don’t even know if some of my older ones, who’ve already donated, would be affected because I’m not a bio major (or minor, or anything) but why not? I can’t do sprites so I do this.

Just short bits below for the fun of it.

Anicam turns the shower down as low as the modified controls allow, and she hears the hum of the cooling unit she installed as the water drops to ice-cold temperatures. And yet, as she lay curled in the gathering pool of water, steam continued to rise from her skin as her already unnaturally high temperature just climbs and climbs...

"Dammit dammit dammit dammit…"


Caades noticed some others in his training regimen were having, shall we say, problems… And as head of his unit, he had to help see them through. Unfortunately his bedroom performance only satisfied HIM, so he had to play emergency matchmaker among his unit.

…He’s kind of terrible at it. But at least it helps matters.


Eretre claws at his skin, shuddering violently as he helplessly watches his chocolate brown blush refuse to go away no matter how hard he wills it. He needed things he didn’t even understand and ached and craved things he had no concept of. Ever kind, his lusus slithered up next to him, wrapping him in a cold embrace as he leaned in and began whispering into his ear, letting the poison drip into his brain to erase those silly urges.

The drones would be harder to take care of when they came along, but he could be very convincing.


Heilis broke another pencil in her grip, cursing under her breath as she tried to focus on her latest maze, which spanned from one end of her worktable to the other. Taking another pencil in hand, it instantly shattered to dust from the force of her spiraling thoughts, making her cry out in frustration.

She fled to the ablution chamber to try and relieve some of it.


Cresta was curled into an improbably tight ball as she attempted to use yoga to calm her mind. This was always the worst season for her, especially since she was burned. Pain was no problem, but arousal? That was not something so easily ignored.

Grinding her teeth, she exhaled a rattling breath and continued her contortions to try and ease the building stress.


Dantli was having problems he couldn’t solve by beating the hell out of something, and so was beating the hell out of Lekter to try and work out the issues. The attacks were met with violent retaliation that cast him straight through the opposite wall and into a tree, which snapped in half under his weight. At least the pain somewhat distracted him from everything else, which was welcome.

He charged back at his gargantuan centipede lusus to see if enough pain would wipe it out completely.


Thrid licked his thumb as he turned to a new page in the book he was recently gifted. He lay on his front, feet slowly kicking behind him.

It was a slow day on the web, what with everyone else going out of their minds. He wished this would be over with already so he can start digging around for who pailed who. Blackmail was always a hot seller.


Horrae looked in horror down at what his hands had wrought. Such an obscene device shouldn’t see the light of day, and yet here it lay, fully completed and ready to use.

He promised he’d destroy it after one use. … Or two. Maybe three.


Ninlia drove a thin blade into the guardian’s thigh until it hit bone, reveling in the shared pain. She had pulled two of them aside to help with a little issue she was having, and so far it was working like a charm. It’d hold her over until her favorite bogeyman came back.


Jectus changed the channel, taking another sip from a pitch black bottle. With a lecherous grin, he idly wondered how long it’d take Heilis to come pounding on his door.

She wouldn’t, but a guy could dream.


Ferlic bit his lip, pacing back and forth as the rain above continued to fall. Tugging his sleeping cap over his eyes in irritation, he decided to run out into the rain and take a nice cold shower.

Worked like a charm, just like it always did.


Raisit’s eyes glowed a malevolent purple as his music became a nice, slow dance. He watched with growing envy as his desires leaked into the minds of everyone present, the floor becoming emptier and emptier as more and more left for the private rooms. If he wasn’t stuck on this damn stage, he’d do the same.

… Screw it. He passed the mic onto one of his assistants and swept a few of the more appealing people off their feet. The others in the Voice wouldn’t approve of the “contamination” but screw them (maybe literally), he knew for a fact they were doing the exact same thing.


Ira took a deep breath as she turned a knob on her mask, dousing herself with some calming gas. The drones strapped her into her bed as per usual, adding a few extra binds just in case. She intended to sleep through this entire damn season.

And that’s just what she did.


A cloud of darkness exploded into Ninlia’s vision as eyes and teeth took shape within, Eloxil’s voice booming into every corner of the room. He was unintelligible, but they both knew what they wanted. 

The world went black as two trolls became one, bodies and minds melding together through empathy and voodoo for a beautiful night. Neither of the guardians present survived.


Armorgeddon Unit 247 cackles demonically, his synthesized voice sending another platoon of enemy troops running in terror as he slogs through the bones, blood and bodies to chase after them.



Sibuna paced around their hive listlessly, biting a lip hard enough to cause an ugly black muck to ooze from them. Solitary living was hard, it was hard and no one understands. But they’d get through it, just like they have all these sweeps prior.

Looking out into the garden, Sib wonders if a huge bone project would be enough to get the mind off the coming storm. Maybe?


Lellin sighed, causing the trolls next to him to leap out of their seats in a panic as some weird kid spontaneously manifests next to them. None of the others taken in by his lusus were of age yet, and no one else remembered enough of him to consider helping with the issue.

Looks like it’s up to him alone, again.

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