Welcome to my world

im in a weird mood

i feel kind of… buzz-y? like my mind is shooting around at six billion miles an hour but it’s not going anywhere, it’s just driving in random directions and not along any rational thought

on the plus side this is exactly what I needed to write for U more, but it does mean i can’t do anything requiring actual thought

… im just gonna go to bed


riddle me this atheists: if god isn’t real then who is inside the kleenex box pushing up the next tissue

my mood has me channeling elder u

his blog is getting updated soon.

Are you okay?


w a s

t o o





Gotta go fast

Gotta go fast

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when I think about One Piece sometimes part of me wonders what 4kids would have done to fit Franky and Brook into their rap intro theme

Alternian Non-Horror: Plants

A collection of five plants Eretre found to be noteworthy or unusual, but because they lacked any truly harmful qualities about them he chose to leave them out of his proper list.

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hello friends i am here

how are things

talk to me

imagine a human on alternia lying about all sorts of things humans can do

like become poisonous at will or possess machines or summon thousands of their kind at a time